‘Ō‘io Tagging Project

A volunteer tag and release angler program to improve our knowledge of ‘ō‘io in Hawaii


The objectives of this project are to provide outreach and education on the biology and fisheries of ‘ō‘io and to foster collaboration and trust between the fishing community, scientists, and resource managers. We also encourage a greater conservation ethic through the tag and release of ‘ō‘io. The biological and ecological information on ‘ō‘io we collect will allow us to determine peak spawning seasons, diet, migration and habitat use of the ‘ō‘io, and the growth rates and aging of the ‘ō‘io.


Tagging kits are distributed to volunteer anglers and we ask for the following information:

  1. McCoy_FERLDate of the fishing trip
  2. Times of start and finish of fishing
  3. Location
  4. Species caught
  5. Fork Length
  6. The time that each fish was caught
  7. The fish weight (optional)


  •  ‘ō‘io tend to return specific OioMapOahuhabitats continuously for many years
  • A majority of ‘ō‘io do not travel long distances but several individuals moved between islands
  • The most tagged fish are from south Oahu where round jaw are the most common
  • The average size of round jaw ‘ō‘io is larger than of sharp jaw‘ō‘io
  • There have been over 2550 ‘ō‘io tagged during the project
  • Over 7000 angler hours have been recorded
  • There are 645 registered anglers so farOioLengthFreq


Fishermen and resource users are engaged through outreach events, tackle shops and fishing tournaments. Data we collect and synthesize is disseminated back to the public through magazine articles, an interactive website and popular media.


Keith Kamikawa            808-735-8290            hawaii.oio.tagging.project@gmail.com






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