Main Hawaiian islands marine monitoring partnership with The Nature Conservancy Hawaii

JonathaSCUBAThe Nature Conservancy’s Hawaii Marine Program was launched in 2001 to restore and protect the near-shore coral reefs and marine resources surrounding Hawaii. The Fisheries Ecology Research Lab has partnered with The Nature Conservancy’s Hawaii Marine Program to monitor important coral reef resources throughout the main Hawaiian Islands, and to support the science and conservation planning to identify major threats and strategies for protection. Primary Tasks collaborative activities include: (1) help design and collect data for marine resource and creel surveys of the coastlines of Kaupulehu and Kiholo, (2) assist with data collection, analysis, and report preparation for invasive roi removal projects in Puako and Kaupulehu, and (3) assist The Nature Conservancy’s marine team with monitoring Hawaii’s coral reefs.

Lanikai survey team 10-9-14_med

Contributors: Jonatha Giddens, Kosta Stamoulis, Eva Schemmel, Alex Filous, Haruko Koike, Mary Donovan, Alan Friedlander

Funding: The Nature Conservancy


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