The Fisheries Ecology Research Lab (FERL) is working on a diversity of projects. The project leads are listed on each of the project pages; links to the individual project pages are provided here.

Assessing gillnet regulation in projected and unprotected areas on windward Oahu

Movement patterns and habitat use of blacktip reef sharks at Kalaupapa National Historic Park

Reef fish nursery habitat identification and benthic habitat mapping of community based fisheries management in Hā’ena, Kaua’i

Ocean Tipping Points

Evaluating the efficiency of marine protected areas in controlling invasive algal species

Maunalei ahupua‘a marine resource assessment

Examination of the influence of human activity on the movement patterns of important resource fishes in Molokini Marine Life Conservation District

Using local knowledge and scientific techniques for community-based marine resource management

Local ecological knowledge and ecosystem resilience to climate change in Pacific Islands

ʻŌʻio Tagging Project

West Hawaii roi removal project: a community based approach to coral reef system restoration

Assessing the Seychelles’ cucumber fishery

Main Hawaiian Islands marine monitoring partnership with The Nature Conservancy Hawaii

Determining fishing effort and catch through community monitoring in three Hawaiian communities


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