Community Monitoring of Fishing Effort and Catch

This study characterizes non-commercial fisheries in two locations by working closely with the local fishing community in order to aid their future resource management decisions. 



Local fisherman being interviewed by a surveyor

One of the greatest obstacles to sustainable management of fisheries in Hawaii is the lack of data on catch and effort of recreational and subsistence fisheries. This project works on the ground with two communities to estimate the fishing effort and catch to provide them with better fishery information to aid their management decisions.


Community Monitoring

Creel surveys were designed to capture the local fishing scene. Furthermore we are also training local community members as surveyors.


Based on community collected data we aim to estimate a number of important factors including fished biomass, annual fishing pressure, seasonal change in species composition, catch per unit effort (CPUE) for each of the different gear types, and other uses of the bay for zoning possibilities.


Example output from survey data (species by gear type)


The project characterizes the local non-commercial fishing activities in a way that will allow us to compare with commercial fishery data. This project also combines creel survey results with ecological data in order to assess the conditions of the local community’s marine resources.

For more information please contact Haruko Koike:


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