Beach Seine Project

Assessing gillnet regulation in protected and unprotected areas on windward Oahu


  • In 2006 the use of laynets was restricted in certain locations through out the Hawaiian Islands to aid in conserving commercially important coastal fish populations.
  • This project’s goal is to demonstrate whether or not the laynet ban has or has not measurable impact on the abundance of fishes.


Beach Seine Results

  • Our preliminary results highlight the importance of these nearshore soft-bottom habitats as nursery areas for important resource species that are taken in the lay-gillnet fishery.
  • We have noted increases in the abundance of several species over time in Kailua; Oio and Papio in particular. We have also seen increases in Aholehole in both Kailua and Waimanalo.

Project Description

  • Monthly beach seining and fishing effort surveys have been conducted from January 2008 through December 2013.
  • To compare fish abundances beach seining was conducted at four sites along the windward coast of Oahu; one site with no laynet restrictions, one site with laynet restrictions, and two control sites.
  • Fishing activity was monitored from a high vantage point where one could observe an area across approximately 15 km of coastline and extending nearly 3 km from the shoreline in some locations.


Fishing Effort Survey Results

Observations of fishing effort in the study area indicate that from 2008 to 2012 a shift in fishing effort has occurred. Total fishing effort has declined by nearly 50 percent in Kailua and increased by nearly 50 percent in Waimanalo during the same time period.



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